The Pan Am Protocol

The 15-day Pan Am Cancer Immunotherapy protocol is designed as a specific sequence, serially stimulating various components of the immune system in order to generate a synergistic attack on the tumor. Our approach is based on “targeting tumors at different levels”.  Specifically, we aim to:

• Reduce tumor volume by inducing direct and specific toxicity to cancer cells with intravenous vitamin C, with absolutely no harm to healthy cells;

• “Choke off” the blood supply to the tumor by inducing an immune response against the blood vessels that feed the tumor exclusively, while respecting all other blood vessels.

• Repair and optimize the dendritic cell compartment of the patient, which is essential in maintaining anticancer immunity; and

• Stimulate the innate and adaptive immune response by administration of ImmunoMax and Pterostilbene, respectively


Are considered to be gatekeepers of the immune response.  In cancer patients DC are “programmed” by the tumor to remain in an immature state.  This allows the tumor to grow without the immune response killing it.  In our treatment protocol we generate DC´s from the patient, activate them to mature in the lab, and subsequently re-administer them.  This stimulates the immune system to begin attacking the cancer.  


This proprietary placenta derived vaccine affords us the ability to train the immune system to recognize and selectively destroy tumor blood vessels exclusively. This is a second generation vaccine that has undergone rigorous clinical testing and has shown to be effective in a variety of solid tumor applications.


Natural Killer cells have a unique and critically important role in fighting pathogens. NK cells are a key component of the innate immune system and are responsible for a selective and rapid attack on tumor cells. NK cells, through a sequence of subsequent immune stimulatory activity, also have the power to awaken the adaptive immune system, thereby producing a powerful, multi-factorial immune response against its target. 


Is a small molecule peptide that was demonstrated to stimulate DC in the body.  This immune activator was used for over 20 years as an “adjuvant” to numerous vaccines in order to stimulate cell mediated immunity.  The utilization of NanoStilbene in combination with our DC protocol ensures that the cells remain in an activated state, which allows them to elicit maximal anti-tumor response. 


 Is administered as a direct anticancer agent.  Studies have shown that plasma concentrations of vitamin C achievable only by intravenous administration cause generation of localized hydrogen peroxide, which causes selective killing of tumor cells but spares non-malignant cells.   


Is a plant derived activator of natural killer cells (NK).  Our collaborators have demonstrated potent anti-tumor activity of ImmunoMax in patients,  interestingly, treatment with ImmunoMax not only stimulates direct killing of tumors by NK cells but also causes elicitation of memory cytotoxic T cells, which patrol the body for micrometastasis.